One Time Macro Consult


If You..

Are good at self adhering but just need someone to help you get a jumpstart

Want to track macros but aren’t sure how to set them for your goals

Are capable of following a customized plan without accountability

Not looking to invest the time and/or resources into ongoing coaching

..then a 1x consult would be a perfect fit!

Ruth Desk On Phone Call

What You Get:

Personalized macro goals 

Directions on how and when to adjust

45-50 minutes of 1:1 coaching (no follow ups or check-ins)

Nutrition Manual (master list of healthy foods grouped by macronutrients + serving sizes, example day of eating, favorite supplements section, grocery lists, portions on the go, frequently asked questions & answers + more!)

Client Testimonials 

“I’ve been working on losing weight on my own for several months, but hit a plateau and have been stuck. I reached out to Ruth and we did a one-hour coaching call and it was SO helpful. I felt totally heard; plus she was prepared with questions for me and offered tons of encouragement (no judgment at all). I was worried a one hour call could get long and awkward but that wasn’t the case whatsoever. Ruth is extremely knowledgeable and set me up with a doable (not overwhelming) nutrition game plan moving forward to help push through my plateau. The plan feels very personalized to me, my journey so far, and my goals moving forward. She also gave suggestions for troubleshooting on my own as I go forward should I need it. I’ll definitely utilize this coaching call option again in the future as I continue to work toward my health and fitness goals!”

-Liz, 1x Macro Consult