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We help women improve body composition, gain confidence and quit the guesswork through 1:1 Nutrition Coaching and our Signature Online Training Membership!

Hi There, I’m Ruth

Certified Personal Trainer and Online Nutrition Coach

What started as a running hobby has turned into a passion for weightlifting, nutrition, wellness and physique development - a passion to help other women feel good on the inside while reaching their body composition goals on the outside. I’ve experienced firsthand what it means to live in integrity with my goals and my health, and the feeling of being in true balance - mind, body and spirit - is the most empowering feeling in the world. 

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Introducing Mpower

A Science Backed Method To Help You Achieve Your Goals

As a personal trainer, I teach women how to quit the guesswork and train intentionally and optimally. As a nutrition coach, I help clients find the middle ground between clean eating and flexible dieting/ “if it fits your macros”. My clients are losing weight, gaining muscle and being educated on fitness and nutritional concepts along the way - all while improving their quality of life and overall wellness. 

Ready To Train With Intention And See Long Term Results?

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Join my online group training membership, “Built To Last” for just $39.99/month where you get weekly training programs, access to me for form/execution help, an online private FB community and more! 


Apply for 1:1 nutrition coaching where you get high accountability, personalized macros, bonus FREE nutrition ebook, weekly check-ins, bi-monthly coaching calls and more!

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