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8 Week Mpower Digital Book

8 Week Mpower Strength Training Program

8 Week Mpower is an 8-week workout guide made up of functional strength training workouts that will challenge you to the core regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. The workouts in this guide are designed to develop and reveal lean muscle, help you improve in 3 specific foundational bodyweight movements (pullups, pushups & pistol squats) all while improving and changing body composition in a way that will ensure you not only shed fat during the program, but that you become a fat burning MACHINE forevermore. 


What's included:

  • 8 weeks of workouts that can be done at home or the gym

  • 5 workouts a week

  • 3 movements repeated weekly to track progress - pullups, pushups, pistol squats

  • Workouts ranging from approx. 30:00 - 60:00 minutes each

  • Exercise demonstration video link attached to every exercise

  • Regressions/modifications within each demonstration video

  • At-home modifications within each demonstration video (all workouts can be done FULLY from home with just dumbbells and resistance bands)

  • Equipment needed for gym AND home listed for each workout

  • Alphabetized glossary of terms

  • Progress tracking chart

Client Testimonials 


“Warning: Only do this guide if you want to get stronger and change your life. I started the guide hoping to find something that I could be consistent with and that would challenge me. I love how I could ask Ruth questions. She sent me videos on how to do push-ups and what I could work on. This was huge for me and accomplishing my goals! Each of the workouts were so amazing and by the first week, I was already seeing progress in my physical health and mentally. My confidence at the gym grew and so did confidence in myself! The workouts were challenging, but they didn't take forever. With other workout programs, they seemed unachievable, but with Ruth's workouts, I felt energized and excited to workout! I mostly worked out at home, but each of the workouts were modified so you can either do it at home or the gym. That was amazing! I still felt like I was getting the whole "experience" of the workout,even if I wasn't at the gym. If anyone is considering getting this guide, I would shout a resounding "YES! DO IT!" It honestly changed my life and I can't believe I am now able to do push-ups!”

Emily: 8 Week Mpower Workout Guide | Week 1 - Week 8

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