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Built To Last Online Membership

Ruth Holding Dumbells

This membership is for the woman who wants

1. High level coaching without the luxury price tag

2. A science based, periodized training program that will promote body composition changes long term


3. An online community for support and encouragement

4. Weekly workouts delivered in an app and education on how to execute for the best results




Take your physique to a new level with a progressive overload, periodized approach that will keep you progressing without the burn out. 


Join a community of women with similar goals for accountability and encouragement! Plus get support from me in the private FB group.


Learn how to TRAIN (not just workout), optimize form and execution, watch your body composition change + improve long term.


What'sIncluded $29/mo

Separate gym and home workouts available to all members

App to track progress

Detailed execution videos

Sets, reps, tempo, RPE

Nutrition Handbooks (basic nutrition without tracking, intro to macros, finding maintenance, cutting/building/reversing, peri-workout nutrition, FAQ's + more!)

Private FB community

Form coaching


Ruth Squatting Dumbells
Ruth Lunging Dumbells
  • Dumbbells
    I recommend having 1-2 sets of light dumbbells (5-10 lbs), 1-2 sets of medium dumbbells (12-20 lbs) and 1-2 sets of heavier dumbbells (30-60 lbs) for home workouts. How much variety you need and exact weights will depend on your personal fitness level! I recommend looking for dumbbells at: Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, Amazon & Facebook Marketplace.
  • Long Loop Resistance Bands
    We frequently use long loop bands too simulate cable machines when training from home! I recommend getting at least 1-2 of the lightest resistance linked here. If you can afford the full pack (especially for more experienced & intermediate - advanced lifters) I'd recommend you get the full set or another one like it.
  • Incline Bench
    Incline benches can really help us manipulate resistance profiles when training from home so if you have the budget for it, I highly recommend getting one! This is the one I have and I love it as it both inclines & declines so it's very versatile. If you don't have an incline bench and don't want to get one right now, a sturdy elevated surface like a chair or coffee table can work if you're willing to get creative.
  • Occasional Household Items
    There will be times when I recommend using a couch, coffee table, towel etc for various exercises in your home training!

Equipment Needed For At Home Workouts

Are you ready to go from "working out" to training with purpose?

*Must be 18 years or older to enroll. Billing is recurring and begins on the day that you sign up.

Client Testimonials 

Testimonial One

“I love this program so much! Ruth is so genuine & cares about everyone’s success in the group! She is SO helpful! The workouts are structured and challenging but not so hard that you don’t even think you can start! I did her 8 work challenge and immediately jumped on board with this membership when she opened it up. My knowledge about nutrition has expanded, my confidence with working out has grown so much. I’m so thankful I signed up! It’s worth every penny in my opinion!”

Kelly: Built To Last Membership

Month 1 - Month 4

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